Written by Ben Wilfred.

Let me write about me
About my solitary adventures
About my joys and wars
And how I have fun being alone.


Sometimes earth feels like a void space
With ghostly brunos hovering around
Then I long for mars and love;
For hell at the spot where heaven locked me out
I sing a lazy song and talk to the moon
Wrap myself in the fine silk of fantasy’s cocoon
And then I am overwhelmed by my mind
I become my thoughts
Painting pictures without perfection
Blurry pictures!
I become fire or ashes;
The moon or a thunderstorm;
The silence or my solitude
I become aware of the ghosts around me
My own ghosts from different me’s
The me’s I create by a stretch of my world
I try to make sense of them all
To believe I was this and would be that
While the true me becomes a facade
I mount stages to cheers of a thousand voices
Wield swords and confidence to the amazement of my many ghosts
Then I become a lover
A bee!
Making honeys and sapping nectar
Buzzing slowly, steadily, to the ninth cloud
‘Till my wings grow weary and their flaps spent
Then I pick up my broken self
And wait on time to heal…

I try to put up with everyday people
‘Cause I know how hard living seems
But no matter how broken one may be
Solitude never rejects anybody!




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