What is more awesome than the exploration of our innate abilities to think and create? How else can we bring to fore the greatness that lies deep inside of us, have an effect on the lives of people, impact our world and be happy with ourselves if we do not give shape and breathe life into our ideas?

And so, this is ONYEOKIKE, the Illimitable Creator. We are all makers, we are all creators. Here, all things imaginable and thinkable are beautifully made through the thoughts of the mind, and written through the dance of the pen on paper or fingers on keyboard, whatever is the case!

Ideas leave the comfort of the head and become what they are thought to be. Through the written word, great stories will be told, thought-provoking articles written and all will be to the sharpening of your mind, that you also become not just a creator, but an illimitable one



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