Love is Bitter..



I said I will never think of you.

I lie down and count the squares

That makes up the ceiling

That I may avoid counting how perfect

Like squares how days were.

I let my eyes wander

In search of the beauty around me

That my mind’s eye may not see

Nor my heart ache

For the beautiful moments we had.

I say I will forget you

And surely I will.

The way a once beautiful but withered flower is forgotten

So will I do you.

If your prints are left on the sands of my heart

I will erase them

So I don’t look back and long for their touch

Yes! I desire to do these things.

As sticky as a bad yesterday is on the memory

So have you remained in my head

And painfully so too,

Affecting the good of my today

Limiting the best of my tomorrow

Shutting me out from forming new and pleasant memories.

I pray daily that my heart yearns not for that which isn’t hers.

But you, you have foiled it

Making it one of the many unanswered petitions.

If ever my heart beats for you again,

Or my ear aches to hear your thundering laughter,

Or my eyes strain to behold the lines of your face

Or the nerve cells on my skin long to feel you;

I will remind myself

That the bitter leaf if not washed

Leaves an unpleasant taste in the tongue

Of which its greenish bitter water

Is medicine to an ailing body.

You are that bitter leaf

The memories of you in me is sickening

So with so much effort will be constantly washed off

That the bitter taste of you be let off

And my heart is made whole again.


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