Like a child.

Let us dance the dance of the happy child –

Joyful, ecstatic and free of worries.

Let us like that child

Cover ourselves with the dust of the earth

From which we are made –

Brown from the effect,

Dirty in reality.

Let us inhale sweetly

The smell of water against parched sand

Inhale without a grimace

The dusty particles of the atmosphere –

which is after all a component of our fleshy make up.

Let us forget the colours we are not – black and white.

Let us not be ashamed to be who we are –

Brown, sandy, dirty people.

Yet like the child,

Let us never shy away from a hot bath

Nor refuse to be oiled and kept moist.

Let us be ready to play

Whether under the hot scorching sun

Or the heavy thunderous rain

‘cos in the end

It is those who like the child

Live with little worries

Ever trusting, ever hopeful

That have the best and sweetest memories.


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