Conquering these moments…

This path I walk

is  one laden with pebbles of memories.

Steps made in the present,

bring to fore the very actions of the past –

Its joys,

its fears and tears,

Struggles and dreams.

I shake with excitement

as I peruse the contents of that old abandoned album

where my past was photographed and securely kept.

I see me – the fearful me,

too afraid to smile for fear of doing it the wrong way

for fear of letting the lips get far apart

and risk a tear.

I saw that me,

‘un-courageous’, ‘un-bold’,

too reticent,

a package of everything not confident.

Yet, I also see that me –

a warrior, a conqueror

pulling down obstacles,

seizing victories, capturing strongholds.


the past still wants to live

although the present owns today.

But the past fights with it for ownership of this moment.

The future watches

unsure of what its fate is –

whether it will be or not.

The past has lived its fate already

but strives to ‘unlive’ it by means of regrets;

and so the present is filled with hindrances,

barriers and mountains of guilt

because the past has refused to let go.

However, the power rests in me

since I decided what happened in the past,

I  now decide what happens in the present

and I create my future by inventing it.

Therefore, I bid the past gone,

the present  be-lived

and welcomed be the future!


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