Meet to Part…

We meet,

Without ever imagining we will.

Together we are sweet

Like the lips of a couple in love.

With us,

Time’s on the wall clock behind us

And so we are oblivious of it.

Apart we never are really are far away,

Our silence screams

Our souls are deeply connected,

Our hearts are one.

Ours is a connection without borders

So that the east, west, north and south –

Are just the loci of our integration.

We were certain that goodbye

was just a word,

never to be said except in death.

But then we part

Because life and fate demands we do.

Now there is no hope that we’d ever meet,

Even though it isn’t because of death.

My faith shakes in our connection.

I wish more strongly than ever

That it stands the test of time –

A concept that never haunted us

Only now, it will.


About meeting you again, I would let time decide whether it will be or not since time’s all that matters in keeping my hope alive and my faith active; and our re-connection will depend on the strength of your signal ‘cos mine never changed.



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