GOSKA: While Angels sang Peace…

On a cold harmattan night

When Joy was born to the world

Turning darkness to light

-At the manifestation of the Word.

That night was when

Like an explosive

Pain shook vulnerable men

While Angels sang peace.


Humans without a heart

Who among the many are few

Defied the Silence that night brought

Including the curfew.

And as expert apprentices

Of their master, the Evil one

Wrecked pain on vulnerable men

While angels sang peace.


Fathers lost hope

At the sight of their butchered daughters.

Mothers could not with their anguish cope

As faith once reposed in their now dead sons falters.

Hearts once broken at the loss of loved ones

Beat no more as they lie in pieces

Shattered by the blow of pain unleashed on them

While angels sang peace.


Goska’s fearful scream tear through the silent night;

The babe of Bethlehem hears it

And lets out Its cry

-When her pain and her torched body He sights.

Goska* is inconsolable

Because her leaders like that night are silent

And let her suffer the pain of a violent rape

While angels sang peace!


Goska’s weeping on that holy yet tearful night

Wakes the sleeping Babe of Bethlehem

-Whose eyes emit rays of soothing light.

Even though the world lets Goska’s storm rage on,

HE stretches his hands over her to still her.

And having listened to the countless prayers of His faithful

For a land drowned and writhing in pain,

He will speak to that land of broken hearts – ‘Peace”.

So  that with the angels

Goska shall see and sing peace.


*Goska is a village in Jema Local government of Southern Kaduna in Nigeria. It was on the eve of Christmas attacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen despite a 24 hour curfew imposed by the state government. The village was torched and lives destroyed. This is following a series of attacks that some other villages have also been visited with in recent times.

Here’s a plea to pray for Southern Kaduna in its entirety that they pull through this gory situation and find peace in their lands.


Image credit: http://www.vanguardngr.com/


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