What My New Year Doesn’t Need.

I am not  very excited that the new year is so close but I am  really thankful. I am thankful because it is such a privilege to still be alive and countdown days to the dawn of 2017. I am not so excited either because I feel I had let the year pass me by without exactly squeezing every second out of it productively – serving God faithfully, reading as much as I had desired, being bold enough to put my thoughts to paper rather than having them stick in my head and of course sleeping well enough as good health requires (the sleepless nights are spent worrying).

But then, to move forward, we must let go of the past and soon, in less than three days 2016 will be tagged the past. Therefore there is a need for a critical analysis of the receding year so as to make the coming year golden.Forget about the things not done and focus on what there still is to be achieved.

To many, including myself, the next point of call would be to resolve not to do something they consider wrong in the new year or to resolve to do something right and do it well. Well, that is highly commendable!

For me, I am certain my new year needs no resolution! Why? Because as I have observed in the past years, somewhere along February, I may forget what my resolution is, only to draw it up after the first quarter of the year as a way of review.The new year surely deserves better!

I think it is kinda difficult having to decide to do something for a whole year when sometimes we are unable to tick the box as done on the list of things we want done for a day.

So here’s what my new year needs : a daily resolution to do what the day needs, avoid the unnecessary and live life fully every day. So yes, I do not look at 2017 as just the new year but a collection of 365 days which I have to live once at a time. Therefore my resolutions will come at the dawn of a new day starting from today. So that if yesterday I failed, I strive to make today a success.

I have always thought that the difference between the new year, Jan 1 and the old year Dec 31 is the fact that the former will be called today and the latter yesterday, added to the fact that they do not share the same calendar. But their similarity lies in the fact they are days –  the sun will rise  and will set just like every other day. To live them well is to understand that at the dawn of each day whether it be in the soon to be addressed old year or in the forthcoming year, is the birth of another opportunity for life to be maximized.

The new year means different things to different people and as such will be laden with many needs and expectations. So what does your new year need? Let me in on it in the comment box.




Image credit: www.armstrongeconomics.com



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