They say I am a man and so should be strong at all times! They say a show of my emotions is a sign of weakness.

But then, don’t they know that a core part of my soul is the emotion in addition to my volition and intellect? That like the woman, I feel pain gravely, joy exuberantly, I can be bold sometimes and shy at other times; I may want to just laugh out loud and without care and at other times cry my heart out.

Yes cry! A lot of you folks say when a man cries he is no man, when he lets his being a man come to the fore; when he lets his humanity be revealed in his emotion, he is a weakling. How Ironic.

You see why women are light as feathers, except those ones who in the guise of being strong keep a lot bottled up; it is because they let out their emotions, of love and hate, of joy and sorrow. When they laugh, it is loud and when they cry the tears rent the air and penetrate the earth’s depth.

So I try to be like them – letting the emotions out, even if it is in the silence of my room or in the company of a trusted one. I cry a lot of times. Call me a weak man, that is your opinion. It is in those tears shed that I have been able to mount the mantle of being a man determinedly, having let out my fears, frustrations, grief, doubts and every troubler of my soul in those rows of salty water that proceeds from my heart to my eyes.

I am not ashamed to say that as a strong man I cry! I would rather have a tear streaked face lightened by a happy heart than a long face wrinkled daily by a heavy heart!

I have realized that it takes a lot of courage for me to cry. It is the strong that cry even more than the weak does. The strong cry, wipe the tears away, continue the business of striving and living. Life is lived easily when there is nothing bottled up, nothing inhibiting the flow of air and strength.

Do not think I am an advocate of men and even women crying unnecessarily in public places and in front of just anybody. Some people should never behold a drop of your tears! I am rather an advocate of men and women letting out genuine emotions where necessary, throwing away the idea of ‘I am strong and so I am not supposed to cry’.

Even though salt is good, too much of it becomes dangerous to the health increasing the risk of a high blood pressure, heart failure etc. There are a lot of those sodium that you should cry out in addition to sweating out. 🙂

Do not be ashamed of your tears. Jesus wept at the sight of his dead friend Lazarus. He wept at the garden of Gethsemane, His soul was troubled that he shed blood! He is God who took on flesh, who is stronger than any other person that has existed, yet he wept.

Strong men do indeed cry!


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