A letter to the Heart ðŸ’Ÿ

Dear heart, 

You may have the shape of the most talked about and desired emotion, love, but I beg you not to lose sight of your function. Be focused dear heart and pump blood to the entire system of our host while beating in the process.

 It vexes me that when you feel the presence of that person whom the host’s eyes never tires of staring at,  you lose focus, you lose many beats. Do you know how dangerous that can be? 

If you stay focused, then you won’t fall,  nor end up being broken as the past records show. I do not exactly blame you for desiring objects upon whom you’d drool over day and night, but I have a problem with your choice of such objects, you irrationally emotional organ! 

So here’s the deal. I am the rational guy here,  so when next the host begins to look fixedly at some man and bounces the idea back and forth if he is worth her attention, please let me do the job of providing her with answers through her head while you keep the warm red liquid flowing through her. 

The power of life lies in you and so you need someone to keep you in check. I am that someone. I am tired of being the guy who gives you and the host pep talks of moving on and letting go. I am tired.

Be emotional all you want, but let me talk you through who deserves your drooling over so we do not get to the part of shedding tears and writing mind piercing poems. 
Yours forever,

The mind. 


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