In the day I called your name

In billowy whispers 

Transported on wings of winds

Gentle, yet bold enough to speak that name

Which my lips tremble to pronounce 

I realized fear has its limits, 

I realized fear could be burnt. 

Your name like ice

Cools the hot liquor 

Bubbling inside me

Passion as if undeniable

Stares me as my lips move 

In the pronunciation of that name that sends fire 

Burning through my veins

Leaving smokes of peace  in its wake, 

I knew then that a certain fire burns fiercely yet leaves no burns. 

In the day I called your name

Lost in my world of delusions

I heard you answer me

And point out directions 

Too precise and accurate to be missed. 

Your voice came to me in fragments of smoky mist

Air filled with sweetness filled my lungs 

As my ears got the loud whispers of your love sung in that name. 

I knew then that there is a sweetness, a melody, a peace all harmonised in different voices when that name, 

Your name is called. 

In the day I called your name, 

You answered me and saved me from all my troubles. 

I called you –

Chukwuokikeonyenzoputa! (God the deliverer) 

And how I now sing songs of deliverance. 

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