The Needy.

He had threatened her of leaving and like always she was scared, her eyes welled up with tears and her heart missed many beats. She was needy of him. Why not? He was her father. Her eyes begged him to stay; her vulnerability screamed how much she needed him.

Unlike her, her mother never blinked when he threatened to leave. She would always look away whenever he spat out his venomous threat. But she thought that perhaps her mother felt the same way she felt – vulnerable , only she never showed it.

“You need to be strong”, her mother would always say to her. “A man should never see you as weak, he must think you strong enough to do without him, to live without him. Every man, even if he is your father”. Continue reading



Laolu stood looking in to the eyes of his heart- Oge and all he felt within himself was contentment, peace and joy. What he felt within was in contrast to what was going on from without.

The country was in chaos and was on the brink of another war. The civil war this time was not because some ethnic group wanted out of the political entity called Nigeria. It was rather the fight for dominance among the two major religions in the country. What had begun as subtle killings by some fanatics in the northern part of the country had spread like a wildfire in a harmattan struck bush with vengeful retaliations of death by other Christians who had now shunned peace talks and  decided that their lives were not at the mercy of some herdsmen. What began as a crisis in some part of the north which if attended to and tamed at that point, would have been just one of those crises. But unfortunately nothing was done, everybody felt it was time life repaid life and that peace was no longer a symbol and teaching of either of their religions.

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They say I am a man and so should be strong at all times! They say a show of my emotions is a sign of weakness.

But then, don’t they know that a core part of my soul is the emotion in addition to my volition and intellect? That like the woman, I feel pain gravely, joy exuberantly, I can be bold sometimes and shy at other times; I may want to just laugh out loud and without care and at other times cry my heart out.

Yes cry! A lot of you folks say when a man cries he is no man, when he lets his being a man come to the fore; when he lets his humanity be revealed in his emotion, he is a weakling. How Ironic.

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