Dying in Love..

Somewhere, a heart beats for love, dies again and again for it.

Somewhere in death, a heart beats for a love it hopes to possess in life.


The Desert of a Lonely Heart


Loneliness and sadness are two out of many  ailments of the human heart that like the HIV virus weakens the immune system and leaves the heart open to other undesirable elements. They are detestable.

The being who suffers from them can be likened to a desert with just one tree in its middle which of course may not be seen in a long time; and as it is a desert, the tree’s existence is a respite to the scorching heat from the blazing sun.

That tree to this sad lonely creature maybe the family who is concerned so much for him that he fails to acknowledge or that friend that is ready to poke his finger in the fire just to save him. Continue reading

The Needy.

He had threatened her of leaving and like always she was scared, her eyes welled up with tears and her heart missed many beats. She was needy of him. Why not? He was her father. Her eyes begged him to stay; her vulnerability screamed how much she needed him.

Unlike her, her mother never blinked when he threatened to leave. She would always look away whenever he spat out his venomous threat. But she thought that perhaps her mother felt the same way she felt – vulnerable , only she never showed it.

“You need to be strong”, her mother would always say to her. “A man should never see you as weak, he must think you strong enough to do without him, to live without him. Every man, even if he is your father”. Continue reading