Look inside you and see an eagle

Desirous of the heights

Panting for the skies.

See how it turns restlessly

For a chance to showcase its uniqueness

The ability to fly, to soar, to conquer.
Look inside you and see a lion

Untamed , wild

Yet with a silenced roar.

This lion seeks to devour

To consume

To have a conquest

To defeat and roar loudly

Silencing all fear, consuming doubts.
You are an eagle

Leave the chicken’s pen

And fly high..

For chickens are for the ground

And eagles for the skies..
You are a lion

Cease being a cat!

What is a meow compared to a roar?

So Roar , roar, and roar!

And let the earth marvel and be in awe.

March with majesty

And conquer all grounds!


Gbum! Gbum! Gbum!

Tobechi could hear the beats of her heart in her ears like the thud of heavy feet on the ground. Loud frantic beats, set agog by the fiery presence of fear in her were rid of every tune of harmony.

For a long time, more than she could account for, her life had been like this – a repertoire of fears and sadness; coupled with the uncertainty of everything and conviction of nothing; groping in the darkness of doubt, despair and despondency that had blackened her life.

And so, she runs away from them all, as that is all she is left with to do.

Having done a lot of it, she stops, panting and gasping for breath. Too tired to keep running from shadows, she turns round for a spot on the brown sandy road where she could rest from the heat of the searing sun that lights up every visible darkness on the earth, except the one in her heart. Her hair was a mess, she knew. Her entire look pleaded for a makeover, transition, and turnaround, whatever the word may be. But she knew nothing like that was ever going to happen. Continue reading