Healing My World.. 

Everytime I see pain in your eyes,  I wish I could cry them away for you. 

Everytime I see you deep in worry,  I wish I could be your warrior,  fighting away those worries, bringing back your stolen peace. 

Everytime I feel your heart cringe in immeasurable sorrow and I see your face wear a frown, the effect of how you feel; I wish my heartbeat would be yours so that with every beat a sorrow is flogged away, and with the music of our united hearts,  your pretty face wears a smile again. 

Saying you mean the world to me is not without its responsibilities. The world loses its meaning to me when you are bereaved of happiness. If I am to live in a happy world,  I need it to be with you,  for where you are is where my world is. So let me heal you with love’s soothing balm. Healing you is healing me for you are my world!