Living the Best Life


An unexamined life is not worth living- Socrates.

If you do not examine your life nor question certain things that happened or are happening, then your life is just like stagnant water, never moving, never changing and a breeding place for all sorts of destructive things.

Many times we are afraid of moving away from the good we have and plunging ourselves into the unknown best. The unknown best remains unknown until an action which is unrelenting makes it known and the best it is.

You are afraid of doing that thing because you may fail at it. Then surely you are not afraid of mediocrity, of redundancy, of failure which is what remaining in a position and not moving really is. Failure may visibly mean not seeing things work out as planned, but for those with insight, with courage, it silently and saliently means ‘do it again and do it better’. Continue reading