My body is a sea

Loud with roaring waves

flowing calmly into an end unknown

Salt and water make her up

and my eyes is their exit channel

when my heart crushed with a Lance of despair

Sends heartquakes down to the depth of my sea

Shaking her foundations, arousing turbulence.


For Stars who Forget how to Shine! 

When you were born, 

You were everything light. 

Your toothless smile shone like the sun

It was the muse for beautiful songs hitherto unsung. 

Your skin was so smooth

That fingers caressed it with purity and joy undefined. 

You were born light,

Your light shone

And all people saw when they saw you was a rising sun

A flower in its spring 

Blossoming and budding beautifully

You were a rose dipped in ink, 

Painting laughter on once pained faces

Bringing a new fragrance to people who had stopped perceiving.. 

Your growth was watched keenly

Like a predator would a prey

You could feel the eyes on you each time you raised your head to catch your breath

And at such moments you forget how to breathe.

Their expectations was the only prayer you knew. 

Each one met was joy renewed. 

But somewhere somehow your roots stopped spreading in the loam where it was planted

You could feel the sap in your stem dry up, 

Your rose began to wither

And you bent in the direction of light

Hoping to find it and live

For with the light and air, will you find food for growth

But your sun seemed to set 

And perhaps never to rise again. 

With the dimmed light of your soul went hope and strength 

Those expectations became cords around your neck that threatened to steal your life

And then you prayed to learn the art of truly living before leaving life. 

Through it all you began to look for the stars in your black night

Since you couldn’t see your light. 

You found the stars

You realized you were a star

But what is a star compared to a sun you wonder

That tiny twinkling thing transports thoughts of truth

To hearts that know that in it is still the sun’s light reflecting 

That no matter how black the sky is, men still look up to those stars with pride and awe. 

But you do not know these things

Because at this time you’ve fallen and have decidedly remained in that state

And you are now without light 

That even in your darkness you know not how to shine. 

To you, you are nothing close to a star

For all you see are your scars

The black parchment on your once smooth skin

Now withered that it elicits painful sighs 

Of how good your life would have been if only it climbed heights

And shone bright like they had expected when you were born. 


In the day I called your name

In billowy whispers 

Transported on wings of winds

Gentle, yet bold enough to speak that name

Which my lips tremble to pronounce 

I realized fear has its limits, 

I realized fear could be burnt. 

Your name like ice

Cools the hot liquor 

Bubbling inside me

Passion as if undeniable

Stares me as my lips move 

In the pronunciation of that name that sends fire 

Burning through my veins

Leaving smokes of peace  in its wake, 

I knew then that a certain fire burns fiercely yet leaves no burns. 

In the day I called your name

Lost in my world of delusions

I heard you answer me

And point out directions 

Too precise and accurate to be missed. 

Your voice came to me in fragments of smoky mist

Air filled with sweetness filled my lungs 

As my ears got the loud whispers of your love sung in that name. 

I knew then that there is a sweetness, a melody, a peace all harmonised in different voices when that name, 

Your name is called. 

In the day I called your name, 

You answered me and saved me from all my troubles. 

I called you –

Chukwuokikeonyenzoputa! (God the deliverer) 

And how I now sing songs of deliverance. 

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This one thing I have yearned for

That which I have craved, prayed and dreamt about

Lands on my laps and somehow seems to cripple me. 

Love for which I earnestly wished

To have my heart beat excitedly for

Sits on my heart 

And somehow I fear I’d die

From an un-beating heart. 
I love, I try to be indifferent 

I am loved, I try to be indifferent. 


In my indifference is a longing

To be as loved as I already am

But somehow this indifference stifles me and I choke

From an abundance of the presence of that which I need

And the absence of a will to revel in the  lovely presents present to fill my unquenched satisfaction . 

A letter to the Heart 💟

Dear heart, 

You may have the shape of the most talked about and desired emotion, love, but I beg you not to lose sight of your function. Be focused dear heart and pump blood to the entire system of our host while beating in the process.

 It vexes me that when you feel the presence of that person whom the host’s eyes never tires of staring at,  you lose focus, you lose many beats. Do you know how dangerous that can be? 

If you stay focused, then you won’t fall,  nor end up being broken as the past records show. I do not exactly blame you for desiring objects upon whom you’d drool over day and night, but I have a problem with your choice of such objects, you irrationally emotional organ! 

So here’s the deal. I am the rational guy here,  so when next the host begins to look fixedly at some man and bounces the idea back and forth if he is worth her attention, please let me do the job of providing her with answers through her head while you keep the warm red liquid flowing through her. 

The power of life lies in you and so you need someone to keep you in check. I am that someone. I am tired of being the guy who gives you and the host pep talks of moving on and letting go. I am tired.

Be emotional all you want, but let me talk you through who deserves your drooling over so we do not get to the part of shedding tears and writing mind piercing poems. 
Yours forever,

The mind. 


Look inside you and see an eagle

Desirous of the heights

Panting for the skies.

See how it turns restlessly

For a chance to showcase its uniqueness

The ability to fly, to soar, to conquer.
Look inside you and see a lion

Untamed , wild

Yet with a silenced roar.

This lion seeks to devour

To consume

To have a conquest

To defeat and roar loudly

Silencing all fear, consuming doubts.
You are an eagle

Leave the chicken’s pen

And fly high..

For chickens are for the ground

And eagles for the skies..
You are a lion

Cease being a cat!

What is a meow compared to a roar?

So Roar , roar, and roar!

And let the earth marvel and be in awe.

March with majesty

And conquer all grounds!


A heart cringing with pain while alive
Screams out loud
Through tears of ink by which it bleeds
Pints of bloody unsaid words
On papers of memories never shared
Leaving a permanent mark of regret
On hearts that wish they had cared while it lived.
There is a heart that still beats life’s sound,
Yet ailing from lack of a sound life,
That craves a healing
Beyond the religious mantra of
“brother it is well”;

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